2006 Beautification Awards

Beautification Awards
September of 2006

Lori and Joshua Biggs
800 McCormick


Plantings are inviting and an inspiration to other neighbors.  Home built in 1897 and the owners use vintage items in the yard to compliment the home such as old chairs, benches, wood and tin from a barn that has been turned into a potting shed.  As a bonus, the yard received a Backyard Habitat award from the National Wildlife Federation.



St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
6094 West Side Saginaw Rd


An area on the east side of the church is designed to give parishioners a sense of community and a place to talk before and after services and also serves as a backdrop for wedding photos.  The plantings areas include hyssop which was used for its medical qualities and is mentioned frequently in the Bible. 



Begick Nursery & Garden Center
5993 West Side Saginaw Rd


Opened in 1950, this longstanding family business has served the community for planting needs.  The planting displays in front of the business and along the road right of way beautify the West Side Saginaw Road corridor.  The front of the business is treated as a gateway to the community. 


Beautification Awards
August of 2006

Jon & Jean Bradley
209 S. Sherman Street


This is a small, but well packed yard with many annuals and geraniums both in hanging baskets and well as planters. The side yard and driveway are loaded with large and small roses both in containers as well as flower beds. Curbside view is very pretty. We are pleased to award this Residence.


St. Stanislaus Parish
915 Grant Street


This church has wonderful drive-by appeal from 22nd Street here in Bay City. On the south-east side are nice flowers around the well cared for grounds. Between what appears to the parish hall and the church is a patio with approximately eight large containers filled with summer annuals and benches for all the comforts of a summers day.


McDonalds Restaurant
3840 E. Wilder Road


This McDonalds Restaurant has recently re-landscaped not only their grounds, but also around their building. They have lots of perennials and bushes with excellent curbside appeal. 



Beautification Awards
July of 2006


William & Becky Miller
1908 Center Ave


Raised beds of perennials and accent trees along with fencing extend the garden display to the side yard. Well maintained and creative use of materials for year-round interest. Garden design well suited to this historic home and area.



Central Fire Station
1401 Center Ave

New garden design accenting their location on the corner of Center and Lincoln. Combination of shrubs and roses newly planted this year. We commend them on redesigning their landscaping to highlight their memorial..



Trahan Funeral Chapel
256 N. Madison

A vibrant oasis of beauty on Madison Ave, founded in 1935 by William A Trahan.

Pristine landscaping immaculately maintained and tastefully planted with trees,  shrubbery and colorful annuals, not only to accent their building but also their entire fenced property.


Beautification Awards
June of 2006
Debbie and Bill Edmonds
209 N. Powell Street

The front yard has a large arbor and a beautiful flower bed making a striking statement in the midst of an impeccable sloping lawn. When I spoke to the owners, I discovered that they had done all the work on the yard themselves for twenty years and discovered impressive evidence of their labors in the back yard. They have constructed a stone patio next to which is a pool and beyond that vegetable and herb gardens. Everything is fastidiously maintained and a real pleasure to visit.


Bay Area Women’s Center
3411 Midland Road

The Center has extensive property around its building, much of which has been formed into a series of small hillsides that provide vistas and resting places for those who would like to take a stroll outside. A variety of trees over the hillsides provide both shade and interest while arbors and plantings near the house give a sense of spacious tranquility. Volunteer labor provides most of the care of these plantings, and it is wonderful to see how well the plants are flourishing under that care.



Buoy 18
960 Midland Street

This miniature golf course could have been designed around children’s playthings, but instead the owner chose to have it professionally landscaped, with wonderful results. Grasses and perennials provide color and foliage interest along the curving slopes of the course. In addition, a large waterfall tumbles from the top of the course down to street level where it provides enjoyment for those passing by.  This property provides an example of ways in which commercial locations can set aside space for plants.


Beautification Awards
May of 2006

Carrie Pennicooke and Jan Jeske
209 W. Midland Street

The Landscaping reflects and enhances the Victorian style home. Plant materials and design based on Victorian styles. Overall sense of whimsy draws passersby, eliciting smiles.


Bay Eye Care
116 N. Tuscola

The landscaping integrated well with the architecture. The whole place was specifically designed with "optical business" in mind. Grounds are beautiful year round.


Sage Library
Midland Road

The landscaping of grounds and ramp well planned and executed. Plant materials and hardscape compliment each other. The grounds and landscaping lead right to the Midland Street District and set a tone for the neighborhood.

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