2007 Beautification Awards


Beautification Awards
August of 2007
Chosen by: Northeastern Michigan Rosarians

Nick & Gale Kaplenski
303 Oakdale


The garden contains over 300 roses, shrubs, and perennials throughout the yard. The home on a corner lot with woods and natural beach plants and trees. Rod Iron Trellises and other ornaments scattered through out the garden. A gazebo surrounded by perennials.


Zion Lutheran Church
Ivy at Keisel

Built in 1930 of Plymouth Marble. Additions in 1971 and 2005 blend flawlessly. With the second addition large fir tree was moved from the parking area to the Ivy street entrance, making a strong statement. Its an uncommon tree in Michigan. Church members donate perennials from their own yards and purchased annuals to fill the beds. All the work is done by the members. It is hard to believe most of these plantings are only 3 years old.


UNO's Bar & Grill
Wilder Road

In front and at each corner in the lot are plantings of shrubbery, carpet roses, perennial grasses, and other drought tolerant plants. At the back a three foot retaining wall made of large fieldstones. Smaller stones are used in the flower beds rather than mulch or white marble chips. At the back of the restaurant, the patio is surrounded by black wrought iron fence with a dozen knockout roses inside.


Beautification Awards
July of 2007
Chosen by: Bay City Garden Club


Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hollister
1246 W. Nebobish Road


This charming entrance overflowing with a colorful variety of plants is picture perfect and a beautiful compliment to the attractive home.  A circular drive at the front can be difficult to incorporate into the landscape plan, but the homeowners have accomplished this to perfection .



St Boniface Church
500 N. Lincoln Ave

Two separate entrances to this impressive church are artfully planted to accent each. The main entrance on Lincoln St includes the tall grasses and a variety of other perennials to compliment the substantial size of the entry doors.  The back entrance from the parking lot is an enchanting, cozy display drawing one into this alternate entry. Well cared for and immaculately manicured, the gardens of this church reflect the historic architecture of this beautiful church.



Keswick Manor
1800 Center Avenue

Located on a busy corner of Bay City’s historic Center Ave, this bed and breakfast’s dramatic front porch potted displays and flower beds welcomes the visitor into the gated grounds and the garden rooms incorporated there.   Both side gardens are lush and green with the feel of separate garden rooms and a quiet retreat for their guests. 

Beautification Awards
June of 2007
Chosen by: Bay County Master Gardener
Clifford & Della Merrill
706 W. Indiana



Visitation Church
1106 State Street




Thumb National Bank
708 Center Avenue



Beautification Awards
May of 2007
Chosen by: The Bay Arts Council

Peter and Debra Karoly
2105 6th Street

The front yard is tiered, using a mixture of plants including black-eyed Susan, ornamental grass, a weeping fig tree and a miniature lilac. The couple has made the front porch an extension of their home with wicker furniture, geranium-filled urns and other homey touches. ''This is a neighborhood where it all happens on the porch. It's like you have an extra room in the summertime.


Bradley House
100 15th Street

''It's peaceful,'' It's close to the river. The colors are nice. It's a peaceful, well-cared for spot in the city.'' The landscaping was done entirely by the staff in the past two years.


Farm Bureau Insurance
Englehardt Agency--Downtown Bay City

''She had beautiful tulips in the spring. When they faded out she replaced them with other annuals. It's a little pocket of urban landscape and it serves as a model for what we are down here in downtown. It's a nice mix of old and new.'' I would like to encourage other people to beautify downtown.


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