2012 Beautification Awards

Beautification Awards
September 2012
Chosen By: The Bay County Historic Society


Jimmy & Vonda Oliver
814 N. McLellan
St. John's Lutheran Church
706 W. Jane St.


Violets Blue
115 Fourth Street



Beautification Awards
August 2012
Chosen By: Northeastern Michigan Rosarians

Carole Reinke
260 Oakdale


Cornerstone Baptist Church
3687 N. Euclid

McLaren Bay Regional
1900 Columbus Avenue



Beautification Awards
July 2012
Chosen By: Bay City Garden Club


Neal Prueter
1909 24th Street
Bay County Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Veterans Park


Thumb National Bank
Wilder Road

Beautification Awards
June 2012
Chosen By: Bay Area Master Gardener Association

Robert & Gloria Brown
108 McEwan Street


St. Luke's United Methodist Church
206 Scheurmann Street

Chesny's Keswick Manor Bed and Breakfast
1800 Center Avenue


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