Bay City in Bloom and the City of Bay City are pleased to work with volunteers for participating in the Adopt-A-Park program. 

The Adopt-A-Park program has been established as an environmental stewardship and public service program to help beautify public spaces. This is an opportunity for volunteers to enhance their local park system and public spaces by keeping the areas clean of debris and maintain pocket park areas

The City places a high degree of importance on the maintenance of Bay City’s park system. Do to some areas requiring special care and attention, especially landscaped planting areas, the work can not be done by city staff alone. That’s where you can help to make areas more aesthetically pleasing. Other areas throughout the community are also available for adoption. This is a totally voluntary program.

Types of Maintenance
  • General Landscape Maintenance such as weeding, watering, mulching, pruning.
  • Planting Flowers
  • Planting Bed Maintenance (shrubs, trees, flowers)
  • Litter Pickup
  • Special Projects
  • River Bank Cleanup
  • Pocket Park Maintenance
  • Spring & Fall Cleanup Projects & Programs
  • Planter Maintenance
Additional Information:
Contact Bay City in Bloom's President, Sita Compton at 989- 280-1530 for additional information for adopting an area.
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